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2018-05-26 Witchfest Midlands, Rugeley
2018-06-01 Lyric Rooms Ashby , with Roots Choir, Band on the Rum and Stargazy
2018-06-30 Whistlewood Common, Melbourne, Derbys
2018-07-08 Timber Festival, Moira, Swadlincote
2018-08-25 Food Gusto, Sir John Moore Hall, Appelby Magna

2019-03-10 National Brewery Centre, Burton on Trent
2019-05-25 Witchfest Midlands 2019 - Staffordshire University ST4 2DF

2017-05-27 Staffs Pagan Conference, Rugeley
2017-06-24 Whistlewood Common, Melbourne, Derbys
2017-08-26 Food Gusto Festival, Sir John Moore Hall, Appelby Magna



2016-04-01 Coach House, Burton-on-Trent ("The Thumb Lady Gig")
2016-04-23 Newhall Social Club, CMA Benefit Gig, Tom's 21st.
2016-05-22 Moira Canal Festival
2016-05-28 Staffs Pagan Conference
2016-06-12 Arthouse, Leicester
2016-07-16 Moira Furnace Beer Festival (2 sets)
2016-09-10 Rosfest, Rosliston
2016-09-10 Carribean Club, Burton-on-Trent (Barnados Fundraiser) with Harmonic Curve, Tribal Vibes and Tim McDermot
2016-10-16 The Delph, Swadlincote (Wayfarer's All Album Launch)
2016-11-12 Ragged Bear Festival, The Crewe, Nuneaton
2016-11-27 The Coopers Tavern, Burton on Trent, with Bruno Gallone
2016-12-02 Sir John Moore Hall, Appelby Magna, with Harmonic Curve, Calling Time, Roots, Tim McDermott and Dom DufF








2015-04-17 Ryan's Bar, Derby (supporting Mario's Nicotine Parlour and Exile 84)
2015-05-03 Party in the Paddock, Burbage Community Arts Festival.
2015-05-22 Sir John Moore Cellar Bar, Appelby Magna
2015-05-30 Staffordshire Pagan Conference, Rugeley
2015-06-17 Moira Furnace (Wayfarer's All - Walking and Singing Down the Sun)
2015-07-17 Moira Furnace Beer Festival
2015-10-10 The Cooper's Tavern, Burton on Trent, supporting Dom DufF
2015-10-17 Black Country Pagan Network Conference, Wolverhampton
2015-11-14 Witchfest International, Fairfield Halls, Croydon
2015-12-11 By the Winter's Fireside Show- Sir John Moore School with Calling Time

and Roots Community Singers
2015-12-13 The Cooper's Tavern, Burton on Trent, with Bruno Gallone


2014-02-01  The Hairy Dog, Derby (supporting The X- Ray Eyes & The Roughneck Riot)
2014-04-16  Atherstone Folk Club
2014-05-04  Burbage Party in the Paddock
2014-06-22  Dog & Partridge, Marchington
2014-07-03  Hand and Heart, Nottingham
2014-07-18  Moira Furnace Beer Festival
2014-08-30  Gladefest, Rosliston
2014-09-13  The Bell, Anslow
2014-10-18  Oxjam Litchfield, George IV
2014-11-01  The Crew , Nuneaton.
2014-11-26  Brewdog, Birmingham
2014-12-21  Coopers Tavern, Burton


2013-01-10 Ashby Folk Club
2013-02-07 Hand and Heart, Nottingham
2013-05-05 Burbage, Party in the Paddock
2013-06-15 Atherstone Arts Centre
2013-06-22 Whatstandwell Festival, Matlock Bath
2013-07-06 Glastutbury, Tutbury, Burton on Trent
2013-07-20 Moira Furnace Beer Festival
2013-08-04 Free Love Club, Birmingham
2013-08-25 The Unicorn, Newton Solney
2013-08-31 Gladefest, Rosliston
2013-09-03 The Royal Arms, Sutton Cheney
2013-09-14 Jules Brewery, Market Drayton
2013-10-11 Whetmore Whistle, Burton on Trent
2013-11-22 Tamworth Folk Club
2013-12-29 Free Love Club, Birmingham


2012-01-15  The Musician , Leicester
2012-01-29  The Plough, Ashby
2012-02-15  Roundhouse Derby (Derby Winter Beer Festival)
2012-02-24  Cornerhouse, Burton on Trent
2012-03-09  Robin Hood, Overseal
2012-05-13  Snibston Discovery Park
2012-05-27  Lyric Rooms, Ashby (supporting Lucy Ward)
2012-05-31  Brewhouse, Burton
2012-06-02  Overseal Jubilee Celebrations, Recreation Ground
2012-06-03  Ashby Arts Festival, Bath Grounds, Ashby
2012-06-30  Glastutbury, Tutbury, Burton on Trent
2012-07-06  Royal Oak, Burton
2012-07-28  Gladefest, Rosliston
2012-08-      Century Theatre, Coalville
2012-08-05  Pagan Pride, Nottingham
2012-08-18  Moira Furnace Folk Festival (Hermitage FM stage)
2014-09-08  Whitwell Music Festival
2012-11-24  Century Theatre, Coalville (supporting Lucy Ward)


2011-02-19 Donnington-le-Heath, Coalville
2011-03-10 The Sportsman, Long Eaton
2011-03-25 Star & Garter, Burton-on-Trent
2011-04-30 Swithland, Leicester
2011-05-27 Amber Valley Rugby Club, Alfreton
2011-05-29 Fern & Fallow, Cannock
2011-05-30 Lyric Rooms Ashby (with Lucy Ward) (Ashby Art's Festival)
2011-05-     Bearded Theory, Derby
2011-06-04 Cube Cafe, Derby
2011-07-     Overseal Recreation Grounds
2011-08-21 Moira Furnace Folk Festival (audition)
2011-08-21 The Appelby, Burton on Trent
2011-08-27 Freedom Heartfest , Burton on Trent
2011-09-10 Whitwell Music Festival
2011-09-10 Star and Garter, Burton on Trent
2011-10-29 Giggling Goblin, Ashby
2011-12-14 Blessington Carriage, Derby



2010-03-28 Whetmore Whistle, Burton-on-Trent
2010-04-09 Lee Roy's, Nottingham
2010-05-08 Worthington Folk Festival
2010-06-19 The Wharf, Welford
2010-06-20 Whetmore Whistle, Burton-on-Trent
2010-07-03 Whatstandwell Beer Festival, Matlock
2010-07-04 Mercia Marina
2010-08-08 Overseal Arts Festival
2010-09-05 Party in the Park, Alfreton
2010-10-01 Whetmore Whistle, Burton-on-Trent
2010-10-29 Swithland Village Hall, Leicester
2010-11-01 Old Bell, Derby
2010-11-19 Victoria Inn, Derby


2009-08-25 Shoulder of Mutton, Ashby
2009-08-30 Rock at the Lock, Long Eaton
2009-08-30 Blackfordby Music Festival
2009-10-04 Whetmore Whistle, Burton-on-Trent
2009-10-11 The Plough, Rosliston
2009-10-29 Chesterfield Folk Club
2009-11-14 The Roebuck, Burton-on-Trent
2009-12-05 The Blue Bell, Blackfordby
























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