Lavvy - Bass Guitar









Green Fortune are:


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Mark Knight - vocals, mandola, mandolin,

, bouzouki .

Kay Knight - vocals, percussion,





Stiv Hog - bass guitar.


Andy Faint - drums & percussion,

shruti box. ON LEAVE!


David Gray

Cello Violin , banjo

Guest musicians & Collaborators:

Rhys Knight- percussion/guitar

Rhys Jones- Demon Harp

Joy Gravestock & J Trout- violins




Andy Faint- drums/percussion shruti box drone 2011-2018


Those who have served...


Jude Hackett- Bass (founder member)


Sarah Devine- vocals

Scud Stevens- percussion

Louby Lou - upright bass

                               Carl Sutton - Guitars, Vocals



Jon Harper- Tenor Recorder, Percussion, Music Production




















































Green Fortune- the story so far 

Green Fortune formed in the summer of 2008 over an Indian meal and a bottle of rum, the idea having been kicked around for some time- a bunch of ageing punks looking for a new direction, trying to find a new way with punk and folk music and a penchant for heathen and pagan themes.  Instruments were assembled, songs written, practices and gig rehearsals performed; and the band launched themselves onto an unsuspecting and largely indifferent music scene with a 30 minute set at Nottingham’s Rock at the Lock.

A steady schedule of gigs, recording and video followed with the BBC picking up the film for the first single, the gothic love song My Dæmon Lover for a 6 month stint at the BBC Big Screens in Derby and Leicester.  More recording, more gigs, more filming- band members started to tire and began to fade away, to be replaced by new blood, new ideas; at the core the same values- acoustic instruments played with passion, commitment and intent, songs that talk of life and death, love and loss.

Radio play followed, with bigger gigs supporting up and coming artists.  Following a radical rethink of direction in 2013 bassist Stiv Høgg was recruited (ex- Thee Deadtime Philharmonic) and formed the current line-up of Mark Knight (vocals & mandola, ex– Mad Dogs), Kay Knight (vocals & percussion, formerly with Damascus Flowers) and Andy Faint (percussion & shruti-box and former drummer with 80s industrial punk band Happy Content). 

Moving ahead, they continue to gig and record their music in and around the Midlands and  across the country as a whole.

From a recent review in Brewtown Music:

Green Fortune are raunchy and gritty with punk influences and mature subject matter.  Each band member provides and past members have provided a layer of great importance. Not even the bells provided by Kay Knight feel insignificant alongside the bass or the mandola & gritty vocals of Mark Knight. Their music is both enjoyable and enchanting to listen to.

Their songs can range from being about gothic romance  (My Daemon Lover)  to a rousing sing-along (The Seventh Magpie) all done in the style of a traditional folk band with a punk edge to them along  with very interesting arrangements of old punk classics such as the Buzzcocks  Ever Fallen In Love and the Stranglers’ hit Golden Brown.

Summarising, Green Fortune provide some good folk variety. Their lyrics tell an interesting tale and their music provides an entertaining backdrop. 

Highly recommended for lovers of the Pogues and The Levellers.”


A FOLK band described as being ‘one John Peel would have loved’ are coming to Marchington for a Sunday gig.

Green Fortune, who mix folk with a punk attitdue, will play at the Dog and Partridge from around 5.30pm on Sunday.

The Burton-based act, led by front man Mark Knight, have even been known to cover punk and new wave tracks including the Buzzcocks’ iconic hit Ever Fallen in Love?

Now they are bringing their sound to Church Lane, in Marchington, for one of the Dog and Partridge’s growing Sunday Club shows.

Knight grew up listening to Johnny Cash, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie.

His love for punk in the 70s and 80s saw him join obscure bands Flith and Mad Dogs.

He also joined The Gift with fellow Burton singer-songwriter Bruno Gallone in 1985.

In the 90s, Knight had a few outing with bands like Rezist and Digweed but started becoming more folk-focused when he introduced a mandolin into his sets in 2005.

Then, he and childhood friend Jude Hackett came up with the idea of Green Fortune in 2007 during a ‘drunk curry night’.

The pair started writing music and added new members to the line-up, which has changed almost constantly since Green Fortune’s advent.

Now the band has a family feel, with Knight’s wife Kay coming in on percussion and backing vocals and relative Rhys Knight chipping in on additional percussion.

Harmonica player Rhys Jones, Carl Sutton on guitar, Andy Faint on drums and Stiv Hogg on bass complete the current line-up.

A feature on the band in Burton’s Bretown fanzine reads: “Each band member provides a layer of great importance.

“Their music is both enjoyable and enchanting to listen to.

“Their songs can range from being about gothic romance to a rousing sing-along, all done in the style of a traditional folk band with a punk edge to them.

“Their set also includes some very interesting arrangements of old punk classics such as Ever Fallen In Love by the Buzzcocks and the Stranglers’ hit Golden Brown.”
















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